Benelite 9 Slat Grille without spotlamp holes


Very rare Benelite 9 slat grille fitted to coachbuilt cars such as Radfords etc



This is an exact reproduction of the very rare early Benelite 9 slat grille as fitted to cars such as Radfords and other special builds like Broadspeeds etc,

We specially extruded the aluminium section to precise specifications to build an exact copy, we then had it bright anodised by one of the leading companies in the U.K. The result is simply beautiful,

We decided to do the grille in 2 options, either with or without the facility for spotlamps,

The spotlamp grille is supplied with spotlamp brackets but the lamps are NOT included but can be supplied extra,

Looks just as stunning as wallart as it does fitted to a car.